You Will Die of Laughing After Knowing Why Pappu Asked to Open Bottles ?

Here is a joke on Pappu . Pappu is famous for pappu ke chutkule in hindi when you search on google. In our country , Rahul Gandhi is known as Pappu but this joke is not related to him . Its just fictional joke and made for entertainment only.

Once Pappu went to the shop and asked the shopkeeper to open one pepsi bottle. The shopkeeper open it.

Then Pappu again asked to open 7-up bottle . Shopkeeper opened it again.

Once again Pappu asked the shopkeeper to open Sprite bottle . Shopkeeper did it .

This time Pappu  asked the shopkeeper to open Limca bottle . Shopkeeper opened it .

One more time , Pappu asked to open the mountain dew bottle . Shopkeeper gets irritated by this and he said in anger- Which one you want to have ???


Pappu Smiled and said – I do not want to drink any of these . I just like the sound when the bottle opens. Thusss Thusssss Thusssss Thussss.


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